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2nd Class Book List 2022/2023

Ms Ratcliffe’s 2nd Class

New Wave Mental Maths 2nd class: Prim-Ed
Mrs Murphy’s 2nd Class Copies (Handwriting): EDCO
Bua na Cainte 3rd Class (not a typo, it’s a rotated, two-year scheme): The Educational Company of Ireland

Each pupil will need:

2 x 88 page copies
2x Glue stick with name label
Colouring pencils/twistables
Pencils and a 30cm ruler
Headphones with name label (No need to buy an expensive pair, the ones that come free with a phone will be fine.)

A total of €50 will be required to cover book rental, online subscriptions, art materials and photocopying for the year.

Please pay on your child’s return to school. Check your school emails for the IBAN to use payments online.

This total can be paid in installments if you wish. Please contact the office and we can arrange a payment plan.

Book rental covers texts, readers and resources used in all curricular areas.

Subscriptions include: Apps, Mathlethics, Reading Eggs and Seesaw.

The school calendar for 2022/2023 and school information is on the school website.