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4th/5th/6th Class Booklist

Ms Connolly 4th 5th & 6th class 2018/ 2019

Please buy in bookshops for the start of school year

Fourth Class

New Wave Mental Maths 4th class (Prim-Ed)

New Wave Cursive handwriting 4th class (Prim-Ed)

Fifth Class

New Wave Mental Maths 5th class (Prim-Ed)

New Wave Cursive handwriting 5th class (Prim-Ed)

Sixth Class

New Wave Mental Maths 6th class (Prim-Ed)

New Wave Cursive handwriting 6th class (Prim-Ed)

English / Irish Dictionary


  • 4 maths copies
  • 6 120 page copybooks
  • A4 wallet folder

Each child should have

  • Pritt stick with their name on the tube
  • Colouring pencils/twistables (no markers please)
  • A selection of pens and pencils and a 30cm ruler
  • Geometry set (may have from last year)

Each child will be supplied with a school diary for 2018/2019 (free of charge)

A total of €40.00 will be required to cover Book Rental and app subscriptions (€20.00) as well as Art & Photocopying (€20.00). Please pay on your child’s return to school.

This total can be paid in instalments if you wish. Please contact the office and we can arrange a payment plan.

The school calendar for 2018/2019 and school information is on the school website.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 30th August 2018.