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Loan a Device

If you would like to loan a device to continue school work at home please read below first, then fill in this form here.

Device Loan Agreement
Students in need of remote learning can be issued a device for their educational use. If reasonable precautions and care are taken in the use of the device, the device should not experience physical damage. Each parent/guardian should review this form carefully with their child.

All devices issued to students are to be used to access remote learning and other educational uses. Students are expected to follow the guidelines below and take any additional common sense precautions to protect the device. Students are responsible for taking care of the device. The policies outlined in this document are intended to cover all available technologies, not just those specifically listed.

By accepting this equipment I agree to ensure that my child adheres to the following:

Return of Device
This device is being loaned for the student’s use during remote learning. This device is the property of the Davidstown PS. This device must be returned by June 26th, 2020. The school will coordinate return of devices. Damaged devices must be repaired or replaced.

Care and Maintenance
The student/family is responsible for the daily care and maintenance of the laptop. Any damage or theft must be reported to Davidstown PS (iconnolly@davidstownps.ie) within one school day.
Keep the device in a safe place when not in use.
Students/families should report problems to iconnolly@davidstownps.ie. Do not attempt to remove, add, or change the physical structure of the device, including keys, memory, battery, screen, charger, ID labels, etc.
Carry the device carefully at all times. Do not store items on top of the device.

Usage Guidelines
In general, all students are expected to use good judgment and common sense; be safe, appropriate, careful and kind online; not attempt to get around technological protection measures; and ask an adult if they need help.

Student Acceptable Use Guidelines
Students must:
Use the device provided only to access remote learning activities.
Follow the same guidelines for respectful, responsible behavior online that students are expected to follow offline.
Treat this device carefully, and alert iconnolly@Davidstonwnps.ie if there is any problem with the operation.
Understand that this equipment is property of the Davidstown PS and should be treated as such. If equipment is stolen, a Garda report must be filed.
Be cautious to protect the safety of the student and others.
Help to protect the security of school resources.

Students must not:
Attempt to bypass the school’s account, device or internet settings.
Use this device in a way that could be personally or physically harmful.
Attempt to find inappropriate images or content.
Engage in cyberbullying, harassment, or disrespectful conduct toward others. Such conduct will result in disciplinary action and loss of privileges. In some cases, cyberbullying can be a crime.
Try to find ways to circumvent the school’s safety measures and filtering tools.
Use school technologies to send spam or chain mail.
Use language online that would be unacceptable in the classroom.
Use school technologies for illegal activities or to pursue information on such activities.
Attempt to hack or access sites, servers, or content that isn’t intended for student use.
Alter a school’s device hardware or installed software.

Personal Safety and Privacy
Users should never share personal information, including phone number, address, social security number, birthday, or financial information, over the Internet without adult permission.
Users should recognise that communicating over the Internet brings anonymity and associated risks, and should carefully safeguard the personal information of themselves and others.
Users should never agree to meet someone they meet online in real life without parental permission. If students see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes them concerned for their personal safety, they should bring it to the attention of an adult immediately.

Limitation of Liability
Davidstown PS will not be responsible for damage or harm to persons, files, data, or hardware. Devices employ filtering and other safety and security mechanisms, but there is no guarantee as to their effectiveness. Davidstown PS will not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for unauthorised transactions conducted using the school devices.