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Book Fair

Our Book Fair will be open for orders from Monday 23rd of November until Wednesday the 2nd of December.

Please find attached the list of books available for purchase in this year’s book fair. The children will be brought to have a look at the books in their pods from Monday.

If you wish to purchase from the book fair, parents can either allow their children to purchase the books from the fair in school paying in cash or you can follow the instructions attached to the email sent through Aladdin last week.

In the instructions attached you will see how to pay for your books by phone by calling 01 568 6327. The school’s customer I.D. number is 1163621. You then send the payment slip, which is proof that you have pre-paid, in to the school and we give the books to your child.

With each purchase made, a percentage of the purchase is given to the school to purchase books from scholastic. We use this credit to renew our class libraries and to purchase class novels.