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Parent-Teacher Contact

Contact is easily made with the class teacher or the principal. If it is to pass on a quick message, for example it is best to make an appointment. The secretary is in the office each morning between 9:45 to 11:15 and between 12:30 and 1:30. Matters concerning a pupil should be discussed in the first instance with the class teacher.

Annual Parent-Teacher Meeting and Reports

Parent-teacher meetings are organised for all classes each November. Parents are furnished with an annual pupil report each summer. Parents are informed of various school curricular and organisational developments by way of newsletters distributed by the principal during the school year.

Parents on the Board of Management

The school has a management board with two parent nominees. These nominees are elected every four years. The board functions under the rules, regulations and guidelines agreed between the Department of Education and diocesan authorities.

Dealing with a Complaint

If a parent has a complaint, it should be communicated in the first instance with the class teacher.

If a parent is not satisfied with the response of the teacher within a reasonable period of time, the complaint should be communicated to the principal.

If the complaint / issue has not been resolved with the principal, the parent may lodge the complaint in writing with the chairperson of the Board of Management. The Chairperson will try to resolve the issue within 5 days of the written complaint.

If the complaint is not resolved by the Chairperson, the Chairperson will arrange a meeting with the teacher and, where applicable, the principal teacher with a view to resolving the complaint. Such a meeting should take place within 10 days of receipt of the written complaint.

If the complaint is still not resolved the chairperson should make a formal report to the Board within 10 days of the meeting. The determination of the board of management is final.

Parents Association
The school welcomes the involvement of parents in the work of the school. The school is very fortunate to have a Parents Association which does tremendous work for pupils in the school. Since 1997, the association has adopted the organisation of the annual school book fair, school sports, in addition to the organisation of the Christmas party and presentations made to pupils for First Communion and Confirmation. It also helps out in the organisation of various school events. Fundraising efforts of the Association have contributed to board finances for various projects such as the provision of an interactive whiteboard, painting of the school and tarmac of infant play area.

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It is school policy that pupils are allocated homework in classes 1st to 6th between Monday and Thursday. Infants may do some too! Homework is allocated to reinforce work covered in class. It allows children to work independently building up their self reliance, confidence and self-esteem. It gives parents an indication of the work being done in school. The amount of homework allocated depends on the class. It is difficult to state how much time should be spent on homework as it varies on the class, time of year and ability of the student. The following is only offered as a guideline
1st and 2nd 20-30 minutes
3rd and 4th 30-40 minutes
5th and 6th 40-60 minutes
Reading, spellings, tables, learning of Irish vocabulary are all essential aspects in addition to some written work. It is essential that pupils have a routine in doing homework which entails as little interruption as possible to family life!
Set aside a regular time
Ensure that the child is sitting comfortably
Encourage your child to manage his / her school bag, copies, books etc
Encourage your child to be independent yet be on hand to offer some help
If the child is having little success, drop a note to the teacher
If the homework can not be done, please give your child a note. It makes things easier when homework is being corrected in class.
Praise your child for the work he / she has done