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Junior/Senior Infant Booklist

Mrs Doyle: Junior & Senior Infants 2018 /2019


Junior Infants                                                  Senior Infants

Planet Maths for Junior Infants (Folens)        Planet Maths for Senior Infants (Folens)

Sounds in Action Junior Infants (Folens)        Sounds in Action Senior Infants (Folens)

Wonderland skills Book A (CJ Fallon)             Wonderland skills Book C (CJ Fallon)

Wonderland Skills Book B (CJ Fallon)             Wonderland Skills Book D (CJ Fallon)

Go with the Flow A (CJ Fallon)                        Go with the Flow B (CJ Fallon)

Grow in Love Junior Infants (Veritas)             Grow in Love Junior Infants (Veritas)

1 heavy duty plastic A4 homework wallet     1 heavy duty plastic A4 homework wallet


2 Pritt Stick with their name on the tube

A set of colours (pencils or twistables) no markers please – ensure to label each piece

A sharpener, preferably one that holds shavings

An eraser

A total of €20.00 will be required to cover Book Rental, pencils and copies (€10.00) as well as Art& Photocopying (€10.00). Please pay on your child’s return to school in September.

NB: Please ensure all belongings (shoes, jumpers, colours, books etc) are clearly labelled.

The school calendar for 2018/2019 and school information is on the school website.

Our Junior Infant day will finish at 12:30 from 30/08/18 until 14/09/18.

From Monday 17th September Junior Infants will finish at 2:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 30th August 2018.